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Darknet A Death in Winter


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Oct 18, 2018

A city skyline stands clear on the horizon. A few buildings on the outskirts appear to be burned, but the rest of the town appears to be intact, albeit dusty. Two figures are on a bridge, overlooking the cityscape. One is laying, bloodied on the ground. If it were not for their lack of head, the best estimate would have them be a towering 7ft tall. Their bloodied shoulder socket is sleeved with rust, snarls of metal poking out from the fissure. The gored, eerie husk of what had once been a man is hard to recognise, their beard matted with blood and eye-sockets swollen to near closure from beatings. Their torso torn open, its cavernous expanse was mostly empty; organs absent. A boot remains on the side of the man's torso, pinning them to the ground. This security wasn't needed, as the man was obviously in no state to be moving. This stance instead posed the metallic humanoid above in a facsimile of a Roman fresco, gripping the man's head at the nape of the neck. The lone eye missing, the teeth are ripped from the gums, leaving the man's head in a vacuous, silent scream. There seemed to be some purpose to the gore-drenched tableau, the man's ribs cleanly broken as to best remove the spinal cord intact. Each durasteel-coated bone seemed to be picked meticulously clean from any blood or viscera, like a taxiderimy of some hunting trophy that would no doubt be mounted on a wall. A metal arm, dulled red with rust and blood, is at the figure's feet. A messaged is attached to the bottom of the post;


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