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Oct 5, 2018
Adytum of the Scarlet Heart

“To Shepard the flesh.”​


The Adytum of the Scarlet Heart is a religious order that has existed since the bronze age, founded by High Father Avaari and one of several groups believed to have some sort of connection to the events that took place on earth, but has been adamantly denied by the group as well as publicly denouncing the Ruin and the groups that worship it. The group is made up of a majority of humans but do seem to have some Glitch among their ranks despite their philosophy.

The group appears to worship some sort of extra-dimensional being possessing high intelligence. This being has supposedly granted abilities and relics believed to be some form of advanced technology. This is only speculation however as attempts to make the groups activities and capabilities public are often actively thwarted by the group. The group appears to have deep roots in the sol system evident by the great amount of wealth they have as cathedrals, groups and other religious sites are often extravagant and well guarded.

The group has stated that it’s goal was to safeguard all organic life and often supports most causes to protect endangered species and shows some malice towards groups that promote augmentation and replacement of organic parts.


The group possess a hierarchy similar to Abrahamic religions, they are as follows.


Generally new membership, often tasked with maintaining the groups buildings.


After some time, usually 4-6 months of zealous worship and task an initiate is granted this title and perform ritual scarification.


Those that possess the ability to lead among acolytes or deemed worthy are raise to this rank, allowing them to use a moderate amount of funds to establish a small congregation or take over one should another chaplin expire or move up.


Chaplins who experience visions or possess some form of psychic ability are often raised to this rank and assigned to priest to act as assistants and even guards.


Those that have communed with the the lady of flesh and pass on their word as gospel, typically they act as scribes or messengers.
Cardinals consist of those that handle the inner workings of the group, dealing with the paperwork and assigning resources to sects.

Hands (Agents)

Little is known about these members only that they handle task deemed important, this ranges from retrieval and rumor has it assassination, of course this is unproven but it isn’t uncommon for Hands to have been part of military groups or possess strong psionic abilities.


Those that possess strong psionic abilities and are capable of deciphering ancient text as well restoring artifacts important to the group.


Only a handful of them exist, supposedly those to have been granted an audience with the court. Little else is known and they are always guarded by no less than thirty Hands.

The group has been linked to hundreds of missing person cases but any hard evidence has not been found as well as rumors of strange creatures on fringe colonies.
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