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Better final rewards for Achievements and Jobs

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Jul 12, 2019
I love this server, I've only been on for a bit but I know already that I'll be on here for a while. My suggestion is that for the final tier or any Achievement and or Job that the cosmetic reward actually does something for the player. You've worked so hard to get where you are and all you're rewarded with is some particles? Seems anticlimactic and redundant. Why work to tier 100 if tier 75 is all that you really need to do. My suggestion is this: give the cosmetic a purpose. Perhaps it gives the player a specific potion effect or a custom one from a plugin. A way to balance this is if you earned the cosmetic you can only apply one at a time. There are a few examples on how this could be implemented is the slime trophy: "Kill 1,500 slimes" With this, you get a slime cosmetic and a slime trophy. Not very rewarding huh? But now imagine this, while the slime cosmetic is activated you have the effect of taking no fall damage. This would be more rewarding for the players overall. Now some may argue this is too overpowered and doesn't make sense. Except that this concept already partially exists. For example "A minor ink-convenience" Kill 1,500 squids and you get the squid trophy AND permanent underwater breathing. Very close to my vision for an add on to the game. I hope you consider this idea for the server and If you have any suggestions, tips or thoughts let me know.

Sincerely, TheHudsonHawk