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Sep 26, 2018

Concept. Concoct. Create.

The CCC is a group of like minded individuals with the intent of offering their knowledge and expertise in respective fields to the whole of the organization, to offer ideas, plans, or solutions to problems encountered in the unruly and unforgiving frontier.

They look for minds of all scientific fields, and medical specializations. Degrees and certification are heavily encouraged, but not required.

All members involved do not work for profit, but rather share a genuine, keen interest to solve the problems purely for intrigue and the desire to do good. Time is valuable, and the CCC recognizes that not all members are on call at all times, rather it be for days or years. Obligations are driven by each individual member, and not mandated by the CCC.

All are equal in the organization, and all fields are treated as equally valid. Members may take the reins of a project should they feel their skills pertain to such a project and are capable of handling it, but do not gain any authority over others working with them, nor intellectual rights of the idea unless it was made by themselves.

The CCC acts as a reliable way to contact the scientifically oriented minds of the frontier, and does not claim responsibility of their individual actions. Expanding upon such, the CCC collectively does not delve into immoral, inhumane, or ethically questionable projects.

Do you have a hypothesis, or a desire to unravel the secrets of the universe? Consider joining the CCC today.

Contact <this_isOmizu!> on StarNet or email for inquiry about joining today.