Character, Groups, & Location Rules | Solstice Roleplay

Character, Groups, & Location Rules


Sep 16, 2018

● No obnoxiously disruptive joke characters. Humor is fine, but living shitposts will be purged.

● Characters must be primarily original. Paying homage or a subtle reference to an existing fictional character is fine, but recreating them is not.

● A character cannot be ineffable, omniscient, or perfect.

● Characters with vast wealth should be given reason for their status, and treat said wealth with the maturity and responsibility required to accrue it.

● Characters cannot control large quantities of invisible NPCs. You may employ an NPC crew for a starship, or a handful of workers to assist in a business. NPC combatants are not allowed.

● Throwaway / Disposable characters are perfectly acceptable, but invalid in regards to Consent Rules. Killing or maiming a throwaway does not revoke a characters right to deny consent.

● Characters with unique races, abilities, or advanced equipment require a Character Sheet, no exceptions. Equipment beyond simple, civilian grade firearms and body armor are considered advanced equipment.

● Custom races are allowed, but require a Character Sheet or Race Sheet if they’re beyond cosmetic.

● Mutations, genetic modifications, and advanced technologies must remain somewhat realistic.

● Psionic abilities do not require approval. Characters may only possess a single category of psionic ability. The vagueness of this ability should determine its potency. For example, a character with abilities that manipulate fire may produce stronger / hotter flames than a character with abilities that manipulate energy. Specialization is key.

● Abilities of any kind cannot be used to metagame or godmode. While psionics such as ESP or possession are allowed, you must respect the target characters consent to such actions. It is your responsibility to explain why they do not work if denied.

● Characters cannot possess Otherworldly abilities without staff approval. Approval is unlikely.

● You may not clone, revive, resurrect, or fully regenerate a dead character without staff approval. After approaching staff with a revival request, we’ll approach the parties responsible for the character death to gather perspective, not approval.


● A group cannot rely on NPC population for presence. The NPC population of a group should be limited to mundane labor, or external components with no direct impact on the player environment.


● Gamma 477-b6, the primary setting of Solstice Roleplay, is an anomalous sector that has only recently “existed”. Locations and characters within Gamma 477-b6 should acknowledge this fact.

● Locations that are reasonably old or developed, such as large cities or multi-generational villages, must be considered to exist outside of Gamma 477-b6, unless they appropriately acknowledge the mysterious nature of their current existence given the freshly born state of the sector.

● Developed colonies should be given purpose and reason. It is unreasonable for an entire city to merely exist out of the vague interest of a single ambitious character.