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News Controversial Depiction of Kluex Causes Controversy

Should the painting stay up or be removed?

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Sep 24, 2018
TruFlight News Network

Written by Kathex Invar

The temple of Guardian Invar on Iztapec recently commissioned the up-and-coming Avian artist, Lateef Altepetl, for a series of wall paintings to decorate and restore the temple. While the landscape work and restoration projects he did were extremely well received; the portrait of Kluex he created received a myriad of criticism.
In an interview with the artist, we were given this quote which seems to explain the unique perspective: "I was always one for historical accuracy in my paintings and looking back at journals and reports of the time, we know that Kluex had wings and was not like the Clipped Council in appearance. Kluex was, in life, an entity which burst with a deified look which I feel is shown here. The lack of feathers, the enlarged cranium, it shows his raw power and intellect which allowed him to unify the species."

However, others felt differently. One of the local priests, who wished to remain anonymous, gives his opinion: "The temple never asked for this. If Kluex wanted his image to be known, he would have the Clipped Council speak of it, as they were the ones who personally met him when he was living amongst us. Even if the image was of an Avian as we know today, there would be controversy on the feather color alone! If Guardian Invar were here, he would have the painting burnt and its creator sacrificed."

We asked for an official response from the Clipped Council on their opinion of the piece, but we haven't received a reply. For now, though, it seems the painting is to stay.

What do you think? Should it stay up or be removed? Vote above and thank you for reading.
Sep 24, 2018
//User Mechanical_Falcon leaves a reply//
Aye, I don't see anything wrong with it. We all have different way's of seeing Kluex, but the vision all remains the same. The father of all Avians, who brought us so much progress in so little time. He'd probably smile upon it, as it only goes to show, how far we've managed to build ourselves up, since he departed.


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Oct 20, 2018
This image, this fresco... It is unacceptable. Kluex could look like that, I don’t argue. However, the fresco need to be depicted with perception of current generations.