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Gael Aguinaldo


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Oct 8, 2018

Age: 54
Species: Apex
Sex: Male
height: 6'4
Weight: 312 pounds (140kg)

Defensive Equipment

Gael wears a thick suit of chemical resistant lab gear, with a large ballistics vest underneath his apron. He also wears shoulder-pads and knee/thigh pads of similar description.
He wears a chemical resistant gas mask, with a polarised lens, which in turn gives him slightly more vision when surrounded by smoke or gas.

He also has his usual apex strength to help him defend.

Offensive Equipment

usual race abilities.
Gael carries around a 16 round Glock, firing 9mm.
A simple combat knife.
two straps, each carrying 12 smoke grenades. (24 total)
And finally, two grenades with chlorine gas in them, these are blue compared to the others.


He is naturally resistant to chemicals effects, they are dampened against him due to years of exposure.
Usually lacking sight from his mask and smoke, he has become quite accustomed to singling out sounds/noises within his smokey cloud.


Mans punches quite hard, not from strength, however, from an almost jab like technique.