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Oct 7, 2018
The Holodisk Databanks are an accumulative recollection of fluff knowledge on various matters pertaining to the Universe in which we roleplay our characters in. While these tidbits of knowledge are in no way particularly vital information nor is it officially established by the staff team, I found it would be interesting and good to do a little bit of 'worldbuilding' in the setting in order to make it feel a bit more appropriate to the Sci-Fi setting, as well as to give players topics on which to talk about or include in their characters' backgrounds. Be aware that, as previously stated, none of this information is canon, but it is permitted to exist and/or roleplay consistently within the server, by the staff team.

The Holodisk Databanks is currently a work-in-process project, and I will continue to add more articles and footnotes on fluff lore as i think more interesting things to add up. It is also an In-Character repository of knowledge!

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During the longest time, maintaining the crew’s health onboard explorer and colonizing vessels in space was difficult due to a myriad of reasons, chief of which were pathogens present in foreign worlds. Due to the principle of divergent evolution, many viruses and bacteria which had developed in foreign planets operated in a way in which our own body could not adapt to and beat in time. Synthesizing vaccines and developing treatments often took far too long and more often than not the infected population would die out before the cure was created. The threat was present, and this was not something that affected humanity alone but every organic species present in the universe.

The solution? Simulated autoimmune systems, or more specifically, nanorobotic antibodies, also known as nanites. Strides in the area of biotechnology and nanorobotics allowed humans to develop small, microscopic little robots capable of taking on the role of the autoimmune system and protecting the hosts in which these nanites were implanted from alien pathogens that the body could not defend itself from. Though initially this severely atrophied the host’s natural autoimmune system (and indeed, some cheap, mass-produced versions of the product still do), newer iterations allowed for a better synergy between the cybernetic and the organic. These nanites antibodies serve as the first line of defense against the microscopic threats of outer space, detecting, cataloguing, adapting to and destroying both viruses and bacteria alike, inside the host.

The Nanorobotic Autoimmune Response Systems treatment is often administered by medical specialists in certified private health institutions, clinics or hospitals as well as some public ones, although it is not uncommon for black market dealers and “rippers” to provide these services, often in unsanitary conditions, for a lower price. The NARS comes in small canisters, and are injected directly into the bloodstream over the course of a day, during which and after the subject will experience much discomfort as the body acclimatises to its new antibodies. Secondary effects include but are not limited to: bleeding from bodily orifices, fever, vomiting, neuralgia, migraines, myalgia, diarrhea and loss of consciousness. Secondary effects vary between subjects, some experience very little pain, while others have entered into shock due to blood loss and dehydration. These effects are usually known as Post-Treatment Body Detoxification, as the level of pain and discomfort patients experience seems to be related to their health and state. Patients who are between the ages 18-36 that do not drink, smoke or utilize drugs as well as those who often exercise experience little to no discomfort during the process, while those who are older and abuse substances as well as retain a sub-standard or even standard level of fitness are subject to higher levels of discomfort.

NARS treatment is not taken by all spacers and explorers, indeed some still rely on old-fashioned vaccines and bio-immune boosters such as herbal supplements and pro-biotics, due to their ease of procurement, availability and low cost in comparison to NARS. NARS treatments are costly; while the nanites themselves are mass-produced by the trillions, each one of them presents a blank template and are, without proper tuning and reprogramming, either dangerous or useless, and may have unintended effects on the host. Thus a specialist is required in order to tailor each administration of the NARS to the DNA and physiological structure of the patient. These treatments are often done over a period of six months, during which three doses (canisters) are administered into the patient, with a window of two months between each dose. This gives the body of the subject time to accommodate the antibodies in its system. Another downside is that NARS-treated subjects must ‘renew’ their supply of nanites every 3-8 years depending on the grade and quality of the nanites, as well as their degradation and destruction while combating disease, thus increasing the cost of maintaining them, although treated persons won’t experience the same level of discomfort they did during their first inoculation. Users of the NARS are virtually immune to all known and unknown pathogens and cancers, although in order for these antibodies to properly work, the treated person must be subjected to the pathogen and suffer illness before the NARS reprograms itself to combat it, after which the pathogen will never again affect the person. This comes at a cost, as those treated by the NARS are as of yet unable to provide blood transfusions given the complex specificity of the antibodies which would attack and cause the receptor to become deathly ill if not die when they receive a NARS-donator’s blood, although it is theoretically possible that it can be done between twins. NARS-treated users can still receive blood so long as they are of the same type.
Type - Δ
  • The most widely available NARS product available, easily obtainable from most populated centres in every region of space, now usually dispensed by automated medical systems for a small price, the Type - Δ NARS nanites are usually employed for quick, temporary countermeasures against xenopathogens, lasting anywhere from 6 to 24 hours of anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection, although the usual effectiveness of these nanites rates anywhere from 32% to 63% depending on the brand and price, making them unreliable.
Type - β
  • Common and easy to obtain in most clinics and hospitals, always available and readily administered by medical staff in most worlds, cities, colonies and stations, the Type - β NARS nanites are often administered to cosmopolitans not particularly looking to catch the next case of seasonal flu or any other malady that may come their way. Though the second-most common and available type of NARS treatment, the cost of both the canister and administration often make it rather a rather unpalatable choice by most citizens, who prefer to deal with small illnesses instead. The rate of decay of the nanites contributes to a much more constant resupply of them, and their incapability of synchronizing and synergizing with the patient's own natural autoimmune system make it a rather poor choice, but most people don't have any better options. The usual autoimmune effectiveness of these nanites averages 65%-80%, a step above the Type - Δ, but NARS-treated folk of this type must constantly resupply their nanites every 2-3 years depending on the brand they have bought.
Type - α
  • By far the most highly effective of all three NARS type, the Type - α is often administered to military and scientific expeditionary personnel for free in order to provide a complete safeguard against the microscopic dangers of alien space; however to anyone not freely distributed to, it is prohibitively costly, and rarely dispensed anywhere beyond Core-world medical facilities-- unless of course, you dare try the black market. Unlike the other two NARS types, the Type - α is frequently marketed outside legal trade channels by the criminal underworld who seek to make a profit in the areas not capitalized by the biotech industry who would rather not put their shipments in pirates' line of sight out in the Outer Rim worlds or beyond. Often sold at a lower price by these unscrupulous tradesmen, it is more often than not a gamble to receive what is advertised, as many tend to repackage the more available Type - Δ canisters as Type - α ones instead. The risk of infection during administration by the unlicensed, illegal 'rippers' is also increased, although balanced out by the nanites themselves, usually. The Type - α nanites afford a 99% average rate of protection against any and all xenopathogens, and only require the user to resupply their nanites every 5-8 years depending on the brand.
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