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Trade Rekr Munitions Catalogue - "I just have too many guns."


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Oct 20, 2018
how bout i light you on fire dot com
"I just have too many guns."

Welcome to the website for Rekr Munitions. Following the liquidation of various weapons manufacturers, our purveyor has a surplus of weaponry and machining equipment and wishes to unload this plethora of weapons, munitions et al. to YOU! The catalogue below is not exhaustive - special weapon requests can be accepted and honored. All transactions are in pixels, all purchases are final, all complaints and enquiries can be placed below.

The catalogue provides both premade weapons and parts allowing potential customers to custom-build their own killing machine.

We strive to fulfill all orders as speedily as possible, so thus have a limit of 5 (FIVE) guns per order. Want more? Submit multiple forms. That's just how it works. The estimated invoice for the requested weapon will be sent after the order has been placed - look, some parts're rarer than others. Or heavier. Or cooler looking. Honestly, we don't even know what calibre most of these are. We just run a boresnake through them and scrape off any cosmoline.


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