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Oct 9, 2018

Sihlekhule is a Nebulcae of the Iqathando Flotilla, who stands at about 6' 5". They adorn themselves in a white cloth over the vessel they wear, which is gunmetal in color. They are a somewhat slender but graceful being, with no discernible gender, save for the voice which their translator vocalizes, which has vaguely feminine tones to it. The 'accent' they possess is like scraping metal, swords slicing through the air. It's hard to place, above anything. Through the visor of their vessel, one can see a constant swirling maelstrom of a nebula, shifting between a set of colors. Welded clusters of metals float around in their body, sparking with electricity.
Defensive Equipment

The vessel they possess is a handcrafted masterpiece, made by Silekhule themselves. It possesses tightly weaved synthetic muscle below the exterior, granting the wearer 80lbs of lifting weight (or an additional 80lbs, if they are not a Nebulcae. If one were to attempt to equate it to a standard armor level, it would be placed somewhere around III lightweight. The cloth offers no additional protection, except for potentially snagging anyone attempting to engage them in melee combat.
Offensive Equipment


Their form is amorphous, and as such, cannot be damaged by standard means. Kinetic, and most energy weapons do not have much of an effect unless they directly damage one of the floating metal structures within their magnetic mass. They can consume most metals and conductive objects, and add them to their form. Though, as much as they gain,, they will also lose over time. Maintaining a larger form requires more consumption, and produces more waste unless one were to wear a vessel.

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