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Sep 24, 2018
Stelian Leno


Name: Stelian Gail Leno
Age: Unknown (Estimated, 27)
Gender: Male
Race: Human Psyker
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165 lbs
Occupation: "Witch Doctor" - Wandering Monk

Defensive Equipment

Occasionally wears simple friar's clothing or weather-appropriate clothing. Nothing impressive.

Offensive Equipment

Standard Civilian-model pistol. (.45 ACP)
Charming smile.


The reversal of time for a small volume of space, whether organic or inorganic material is present.

Stelian can invert the flow of time up for a localized position - between his hands. The wider his hands, the more area he can cover, but the more time it takes before his ability completes. While the ability itself doesn't have an innate 'cooldown' period, using it multiple times on an organic in a short span of time can begin causing side effects.* In addition to that, each use requires a high input of sugar from his own body, so he continually eats sweets to maintain his blood-sugar levels. The furthest he can spin time back with a standard usage of his ability is up to a day, or 24-hours, but this usual limit can be extended if he prepares a ritualistic site beforehand for a larger scale use that allows him to funnel his powers into a larger area.

With those being the primary limitations, he is subject to a few other limitations** that go beyond his own scope of power, no matter how 'strong' he may become. Adding to this, the power has also mutated him to a degree. He is timeless, by nature - a 'perk', if you can call it that, of the power but it exposes him to a rather odd side-effect of his own. From time to time, he will appear to jump between multiple realities, his body twisting in and out of the past, present and future before returning to the current instance he was standing in. He has no memory of the past nor future he's temporarily forced into, and it leaves him disoriented.

While inorganics have less to fear in terms of side effects, repeated usage of this ability on them has a chance to make the affected parts far more brittle, or corrode.

If a bullet is lodged within an individual, the reversal expels the bullet, blade, shrapnel, etc. Foreign bodies that were not there prior to the setback are also expelled, including piercings, tattoo inks, nanites, anything.


His pupils are in the shape of hourglasses, so he wears tinted glasses to try and hide the abnormality.
When using the ability, the faint outline of a clock
His voice ranges between exceptionally high pitched and ridiculously low pitched.

*Side effects may include: dizziness, nausea, anxiety, feeling of loss of time, panic, depression, fatigue, memory loss or in rare cases, cancer.
**He cannot revive the dead, no matter what - even if recently dead. The rewinding only restores the body prior to death, but the soul is beyond his power.
**He cannot use this power on himself, as he is already stuck in a permanent timeloop.
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