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The Apex Rebellion


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Oct 14, 2018

Ship is prepped, I hear it humming,
Pulse is pounding, heart is thrumming.
Miniknog guards are close behind,
Fear and panic floods my mind.
Light glows green, I waste no time-
punch the throttle, do the crime.
Neon signs are rushing past:
"Obey Big Ape or be Outcast!"
I know I can never return,
But as the warp drive starts to burn
I vow to set my people free
From their life of slavery.
I cannot leave them behind bars
While I am free, bound for the stars.
Apex society has been fractured for decades- the utopia promised by the Miniknog torn asunder by deeply embedded rebel cells . By the Miniknog's own reports, every world the Miniknog has settled has at least one rebel detachment, with some of the larger urban settlements having multiple per city. These rebel groups range from hidden organizations of average citizens performing subtle sabotage along the lines of defacing propaganda, or calling false reports in to Miniknog agents to waste time and resources, to full fledged armed rebellion. A rebel can be as innocent as tearing down posters, or someone assassinating an official, or going to proper war to push the Miniknog from a colony. The rebel cells may be pure democratic groups in the double digits, or regimented military units numbering in the thousands.

Free-thinking Apex, and volunteers from other species, hold a deep seated desire to destroy the Miniknog. It is fully accepted within the various rebel organizations that the Vestigi-Evo Process that changed them into what they are today was an unnecessary, deceitful process done to expand the power of the fledgling Miniknog. Rebellious individuals, or even suspected rebels, completely disappearing is not unheard of. The rebels claim these disappeared peoples are used for cruel, inhumane scientific research- research aimed at restoring the Apex physiology to that of their ancestors hundreds of years ago.

Rebels are seldom found outside of a major urban center or active warzone, but recruiters searching for those selfless enough to pledge to fight the good fight are common enough- as well as Miniknog agents tracking down expatriates and rebels alike. There are no true leaders of the rebellion, as each cell operates semi-independently, but cooperatively, making leadership difficult to target. Rebellious sentiment is spreading even in the most loyal regions of the Miniknog's core worlds, and the most active warzones in the Galaxy are, for the most part, found in Miniknog space. Soldiers of fortune and freedom fighters alike are surely familiar with the war raging.

(I think the Apex Civil War is one of the most neglected aspects of Starbound lore, and is a handy excuse for the lack of Apex players. I'm not writing this as a faction, as I don't imagine the rebellion as one faction, but dozens or hundreds all working to the same goal.)