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Faction The Coppermouths

Oct 9, 2018
The Coppermouths

The result of two rival gangs becoming one.
The Coppermouths are a group primarily consisting of Corrav citizens, though there is a fair portion consisting of outsiders born from the Pipe Serpents who had joined the gang. Initially, the group was divided into two gangs- The Scrappers and the Pipe Serpents. After a minor cold war, the two combined to form the Coppermouths, which resulted in them driving out the other groups which dominated Corrav. In size, they are comparable to a large street gang, although their profits do not reflect this fact. Their income primarily comes from parts that have been scrapped from various places on the city they dominate. Typically parts from ships, vehicles, and other assorted scrap- although it is notable that they have begun to delve into further criminal actions, likely to add more power under their rust covered belt. The current leader is a Corrav native by the name of Qhad.

If you want to join, send me a message over discord at Pyro#6796, I'll gladly accept you as long as your character fits, and you're not an ass (at my own judgement.)
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