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The Object of Desire

Dec 5, 2018
The Object of Desire

Appearance: A small, spherical blue orb measuring about 5 inches in diameter, It is surrounded by 3 equally concentric rings that always orbit and spin around the main sphere. Though nothing seems to hold the rings in place or power them, they always maintain their position. Though the rings are slightly discolored from one another, they are otherwise immaculate, without any hint of wear or markings on them. The sphere is the same, a shiny and untarnished orb of faint, blue light. The rings sometimes seem to create an optical illusion, seemingly traveling in opposite directions at the same time.

Solitary Abilities:
  • The object creates its own sphere of psionic influence, radiating for about 15 meters with its intensity gradually fading the farther one is from the sphere.
  • The object gives off a feeling of desire and obsession to those who fall under its influence. Psionically sensitive organics are much more susceptible to it than a normal organic, but even average people can slightly feel its pull. Those with a strong will can overcome the sensation, especially at a distance.
  • Inorganics cannot be affected by the object's temptation.
  • The object's power can be diminished by squeezing the sphere, and it can be reactivated by the same action.
  • Other than creating the radiating aura of fascination, it provides no benefit to its current holder.
Current Owner: Syed
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