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The Stone Shard


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Dec 2, 2018
Mirros was patrolling around the abandon building, he had just finished cleaning up most of the cultists that dwelled there with his team and has now split apart from the group to sweep up the stragglers and ones who escaped the initial fire fight, he was rather off guard as he figured the remaining cultists would be quick to simply surrender and plead for mercy before being shot, so it was a rather large surprise when one jumped out from the shadows before yelling: "The end times approach! It is time to give praise brothers!" before stabbing Mirros in the chest with a pointed end shard of purple rock before happily allowing Mirros to stab him back with his dagger, killing the cultist. Mirros then looked down at the rock now buried in his chest, jumping a bit when the rock buried it self deeper before Mirros finally realized it was a probably a good idea to grab and pull on it in a attempt to get it out. In response the rock sent out a shockwave of pain through Mirros's body before he fell over while convulsing and flailing around, yelling out jibberish and unintelligible nonsense. This continued for hours, even after his team found him and brought him back to the bunk house he continued to speak utter nonsense as well as a occasional scream of agony before eventually he went dead silent before getting up and looking around, curious as to how he got here after just being in the abandon building, this was until the pain shock hit and he promptly fell back down on his bed, unable to move.