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Oct 9, 2018
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29/01/3019 10:31 PM <Pilot_Guy>:
Seeing how Town Oilsight is opening its self up to the world for the first time I thought I would write a little something something for anyone looking to travel here. I am William Hooker, an expeditionary Communion Pilot and this is what I have gathered from my time in NRC.


The name New Regional Conglomerate (NRC) borrows from "Natural Resource Colony 36" which was the original name of the planet. The original name was instated by Altera Corp approximately 100 years ago (2,919). The colony was founded as a way of extracting oils and other fossil fuels on a mass industrial scale. The concept being that colonists would live on the work site in lawless space, not only increasing efficiency but also allowing Altera to cut wages and safety laws. After approximately 80 years of corporate occupation, the work sites and employee living spaces had grown numerous and far between across the surface of NRC. Although as the industry and infrastructure grew worker living standards, wealth and ecological well being progressively declined. On the date of 14/12/2,996 worker revolutionaries aggressively raided an Altera enforcer stronghold, capturing weapons and supplies as well as gaining control of the area. This directly resulted in a period of war with civilian soldiers competing in guerilla warfare with the corporation. At 9:45 PM on 23/7/2,998 communication replays on the planet were destroyed, by 11:09 PM 24/7/2,998 the main NRC spaceport was destroyed by a series of suicide bombers. The Corporate enforces were cut off from communicating with the rest of Altera. At 1:12 AM 25/7/2,998 a rapid series of raids on corporate strongholds were conducted and by 7:34 PM 25/7/2,990 the last enforced was shot dead in a supply closet. The planet, now without a source of outside communication fell further into despair and desperation as the planet, focused primarily on raw resource excavation had no source of modern manufactured goods. Today the NRC sits in a state of fractured conflict with mafia and pirate controlled city-states rising and falling, constantly warring for control over what limited manufactured supplies remain on NRC.

NRC Macro Map


The only united portion of NRC is the state of Employ, controlled by an oligarchy of mafias and the main site for oil drilling on the continent. Currently, there are many mafia controlling different parts of the state of Employ, but the ones controlling Town Oilsight are the Julian family, once managers of the workers of the oil sites that ran across The Broken Coast, they now have control of the city and its populace. The Julian family are the weakest family of them all, mostly because The Broken Coast and Minimis are heavily damaged environmentally because of the massive oil drilling operation that went on there for so long. The highest members of mafia are the Hoshi family, first starting off as a poor fishing family once the corporation had been fought off the planet, the Hoshi family controlled one of the biggest supply of food in the state of Employ, they used this to position themselves higher up in the oligarch of mafias and essentially control the entire state of Employ. On 30/1/3019 Town Oilsight successfully repaired its local teleportation system with the aid of Communion engineers thusly opening public access to the rest of lawless space for the first time in 20 odd years.

The Broken Coast is a stretch of land within employ where very few people tend to settle, mostly because of the old drilling sites making the place unstable, land constantly falling and resurfacing from the ocean. One of the most pressing issues facing Minimis at the very moment is raiding from a band of pirates living on a stretch of coast nearby the state of Employ, no one knows exactly where these raiders come from but they have been seen raiding The Broken Coast for some time. Minimis is the smallest section of the "Hanging Isles", a series of segmented landmasses connected to the mainland within the state of Employ. To the northeast of the state of Employ lies the red sea, a massive dessert covered in a metaphorical sea of blood red sand. The people of employ and the NRC as a whole regard the crossing or the interfering with the red sea a bad omen.

Employ Map
Employ District Map

The wilds of Town Oilsight

The Cult of Gaia

The Cult of Gaia is a community of humanoids semi-native to the New Regional Conglomerate. Known for being territorial of the untamed forests, these cultists rarely conduct raids on outsiders, but they are far from docile. They show the knowledge and ability to use somewhat advanced technology but lack the ability to produce it. On a few occasions, Gaia Cultists have been witnessed retrieving guns from fallen soldiers and firing them on interlopers. The cultists protect and guard a particular fungus that grows natively to NRC-36 with such fervent aggression, it’s likely that they worship the fungus as a sort of deity. One should avoid entering the forests alone, lest the cultists forcibly recruit them. For reasons unknown, possibly as a side effect of the mental havoc that the fungus has wrought upon them, the Cult of Gaia seems to speak an unusual language, with seemingly many dialects. It appears to be a version of Common that has been so heavily bastardized as to be no longer recognizable.

Koky tutjuy is a parasitic fungus that grows in the bountiful forests of NRC-36. It spends most of its time rooted dormant around trees, waiting patiently for an animal, normally porcine creatures who mistake the tutjuy for a truffle. It infects the animal through either contact or consumption, spreading hopefully across the animal’s face or from the inside of its mouth and sinus into its brain, where it will form chemical bonds with the host that causes them to protect the fungus as if it were its own young. In humanoid life, this occasionally leads to religious fanaticism, as can be seen with the Cult of Gaia.

The Collective

The Collective is a small community of hivemind gitch that lives within the wilds of Oilsight. They work on a two-tiered command system where "complex" sentient glitch engages in trading and command over other "simple" glitch. These simple glitch seem to be no more sentient than a standard industrial robot and follow wireless commands transmitted by the complex glitch. Its common to see these glitch farming and trading with the nearby town.


There is a cyclone located on the north pole is known as Summitatem while a cyclone is located on the south pole is known as Solum. Both Summitatem and Solum rotate with the rotation of the planet. The power of these winds is so strong that they form a constant layer of westward moving winds across the planet. These mega storms provide large amounts of rain to NRC making a large majority of the planet rainforests. The existence of these storms is an anomaly, locals say its been like this for probably hundreds of years.

P.S: The locals seem to not like big fancy suits much. I would suggest that rich people or people with good armour and tech avoid this place. You will probably be attacked.

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Also the oil rig and island base are further away IC then they appear in the game.

Big Thanks to Boglis, Regaggle and Weejimmy for help with the lore.


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Oct 9, 2018
20/02/3019 9:45 PM <Pilot_Guy>:

When on duty a local told me about this festival thing. Its called "Festival of The New World".

The Festival of The New World is a celebration periodically organised by the district leader whenever moral is low. The festival itself is in celebration of the liberation of the planet from the corporation which used to rule it. Locals can be seen preparing decorations of scarecrows draped with blue banner ponchos and decorated gourd heads resembling futuristic soldier helmets. These scarecrows would be placed outside the homes of their makers besides a bucket or pot. Children are permitted to beat the scarecrow with a stick but only if they place a coin within the bucket/ pot. This tradition seems to represent the fight against the corporation and the redistribution of wealth. The festive also holds a competition of dress. Locals can be seen wearing the highest extent of what they can afford and wear it to locally held competitions. This is symbolic of when the higher class would walk through the improvised streets in their high-class attire. By wearing this attire it represents the wealth that has now shifted to the people.