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Yuu Hashimoto


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Sep 29, 2018
Name: Yuu Hashimoto
Alias: Too many to count. Commonly Nai’keth, Matilda, and Jake Rhodes are his most used names.
Race: Homo-Wechsel
Weight: 80kg
Height: Dramatically Varies

Yuu was born into a prestigious Hylotl household, known as the Hashi clan, an incredibly old family name dating back to over 4000 years ago. The family had thrived for an extremely long time, becoming increasingly rich and powerful and birthing many higher-class artists and scholars. However, Yuu was different to his family, but this was never made apparent to him until much later: he wasn’t a true-blooded Hashimoto. He wasn’t even a Hylotl.

Being an infantile Homo-Wechsel, a shapeshifting race which survives on imitation and shapeshifting, Yuu had adapted his form and had been living as a Hylotl on nothing but instinct for his entire young age. Raised in a slum by a poor family, he learned the cruelty of the world until the age of three, where he finally had witnessed the Clan for the first time: in the form of a grieving Zari Hashimoto - the “Mother” of the entire clan, mourning the loss of her only daughter, Tsudite. Their first encounter was a curious one, a phenomenon, with such a small and unaware creature looking upon the depressed visage of such an otherwise-elegant and powerful figurehead. Zari’s first glance at him was spiteful, for certain, but it quickly softened, and Zari found herself replacing her daughter with Yuu. It was at this point his true challenges began.

Life was hard. Harder than most, despite having previously undergone the strain of living in an impoverished family. Yuu was thrust into an environment where his morality shifted from trying to find your next meal to how people think of you based on your heritage and public image. Yuu struggled, to say the least, but being an Imitite, he was able to at least modify his appearance so it was one thing he couldn’t be criticized for. Yuu was tormented, endlessly, by his family and by his peers, with the looming threat of the responsibility of taking over the Hashimoto household when he grew older and Zari was no more. The treatment took it’s toll, and Yuu quickly became a quiet, reclusive figure, with consistent self-esteem and mental problems as he reached “adulthood.”

Yuu’s transition from adolescence to adulthood is a time that Yuu, despite his passive and calm outward appearance, will downright refuse to speak of. What supposedly happened is Zari died, and the Clan dispersed in it’s entirety with no leader. But what really happened.. ...is because of Yuu. Several years had passed, and in her old age, Zari had become increasingly and increasingly ill. Desperate to keep the only mother he knew alive, he spent his time indoors, furiously researching for any form of cure for Zari’s ailment. Upon her death, he was absolutely distraught, and.. ..snapped, essentially. When the time came for him to take charge, being the next born leader, he dissolved the Clan, murdering it’s highest officials in a blind fury. It was finally clear to him, as he began to realize what he could do: Yuu wasn’t a Hylotl. He was something else entirely. It was time to leave. Using a decent portion of the Hashimoto family’s immense wealth, Yuu travelled to a world known as Selarus, where they lived and studied for several years.

During this time, Yuu gained the ability to speak many different languages, along with fully learning his shapeshifting talent. He started small, with minor changes such as growing extra fingers or limbs, eventually changing to other races altogether, until his final goal was in sight: to be able to change his form into that of an avian, and be able to fly in the way they so elegantly do.

His first ability took three days, this was his ability to shift skin color and texture to match an environment: camouflage. His second ability, growing new fingers, took half a week. His third ability, sprouting another arm and leg from his shoulder and thigh, took two weeks. Shifting to other races took a month. And finally, growing an avian set of wings took 9 months to finally master, growing every feather in the right place, every tendon, every hollow bone. He still has yet to figure out what he is, though, and this is a question that still haunts him to this day.

-Yuu is capable of replicating almost any noise, at volumes as loud as gunshots.
-Your usual shapeshifting traits, though he is able to maintain his Hylotl state virtually permanently due to the practice. Can even maintain it when unconscious.
-Is able to fit through spaces as wide as a golf ball - thanks to lack of solid bones and obstructing internal organs.
-Able to steal physical abilities from races WITH ENOUGH PRACTICE. E.G. his ‘Matilda’ state is capable of small bursts of flight thanks to months of practice - but his Yuu form cannot breathe underwater permanently, whilst he can for about 20 minutes.
-Is able to replicate ‘clothes’ - these are parts of his body, shaped and textured to seem like garments.


-Only as fast as a regular Hylotl - increasing running traits wouldn’t make him any quicker.
-If he dies, his true form is revealed.
-In the event of knockout, he will revert from any other form to Yuu.
-Yuu is socially awkward, suffers from difficulty being accepted socially. Despite this, he is incredibly academically smart, with PhD-level
Education in multiple fields.
-His scanner eye, if broken, reverts to a (still cracked or broken) Hylotl red eye. This can reveal him in certain situations.
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