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Private ZAUDAS WORDS (sic)

Sep 28, 2018
First Words

Was Suggest to me to maKe thOughts as script. Stab paper. Told selfhistory is valuable. Was told to start one day at a time. One thing then another thing. Whatever makes sense.


My name is Zauda Stonecarver. I am youngest of many in nest. I dont know how many summers old I am. Stopped counting after two tens and more, and it is difficult to tell time across many strange star and world. I lived as florans do for many summers. Hunt. Stab. Eat. Simple life. Easy. Was not best, or strongest, or smartest. Was just Zauda. I was borN with odd colors that made me good at hiding in wood and bark, so that is good.

(A crude self-portrait. A leafy head with large eyes and fangs, with one eye erased and redrawn as an eyepatch.)

Lost it all though. Made very very very bad mistake one day, when doing special task for chief. Seedkins of tribe chief died. Respected florns died. Got kicked out. I was allowed battle trial to stay. Lost fight, lost eye and lost home. Was put in crummy ship and told to travel ten anna half worth of blind leaps across the stars. Only made ten and two travels before ship broke and died.

Now I am in this ugly space region. Loswake first. Broken ship is still there even as planet dies now from metal plague and industry. Was there for many days and nights, when it was still red. Had nothing to own. No frin friends who stayed. Had no monys money and was too proud to work silly jobs like shop keep or cleaning trash. People were there, then people were not there, leaving Zauda alone for a long time.

Then suddenly people came back to attack florans. I was shoted bad. Almost died. But then I was taken to a new place called Gameu, where I was fixed in hosptl. Shiny town in peaceful fields. Is not bad. Just boring and has troubles. Owned by hylotl named Youkary. They're nice but loud. Made friends there. Found a home, shared with another florn named Kozu. Swallowed pride and got job cleaning trash and keeping town shiny. Is not bad.

Began to learn of things though. many humans hate florans in these places, more than fish do closer to Great Flora actually. Not fear, thats normal, but real hate. Dunno why. Hasn't heard of any big tribes here that would do raids and call wild hunts on flesh tribes. Maybe related? Something in distant past that left scars. Some fleshys are nice enough. Others, mostly human, look at me like a hissing bomb or a walking insult. Zaud used to it now. Just ignore.

One day, large treefort owned by floran I dont know was burned to death on Loswake. Was there at the time, seeking quiet and solitude. Then I was deafened by loud sounds. Earthquake and fire. Broke some bones falling from tree. Gunfire and shooting. I warned the starnet voices and fled. I was very scared. Metal and industry spread from ruined tree like a sickness, and today LOswake village is covered in it, owned by cruel things who kill on sight.

(A doodled picture of a tree on fire.)

Today people leve Gamui behind too - say they hate the laws and decisions oF Yuke - and go to Dusk WOod. Icy world of snow and thick forests. Like Loswake, but cold. very violent. Lots of shoot and stab. Every second time I go there, someone dies. Meat is dragged away and I cant eat it. A little human with psyon magic that I liked died there. Was killed from nowhere, and turned into angry bugs. FEels bad. floran promised to find shootr but never found clues. No idea what to do or who to stab.
Nagging guilt for the rest of my summers.
Broken oaths.

(Unintelligible scribbling. Pictures of a sad humanoid figure surrounded by a dark cloud.)

Duskwood forestland has many animals. Hunt often. Catch hoppy things covered in white fur. Sparse meat but cooks good. Also big angry whitefur things. Predators with gamey meat. Ate one with a clumsy hunter meatthing Rika, and it was gross. Wont do that again. STill, I killed it with knife and claws and teath teeth with little help. Great job floran. Zauda kept bit of white pelt and the head to be de-meated as trophy.

Miss my last trophy skul skoll skull, from young days. Was a differnt meatman hunter who tried to attack long ago. Killed and ate. One of the only things I could take from home when floran got kicked out. Now it is left behind on dead ship above Loswake.
I would probably get unhappy looks if I showed it to anyone.

(Unintelligible scribbling. The author starts and stops multiple times, clearly trying to prompt themselves to keep writing.)


Yukaree YouKari is a blue hylotl. they are very strange and chatty. never stops talking. also pokes and touches a lot.
It is annoying, but I know they don't understand why its strange. theyre only a fish.
They run Gamu town and everything in it almost, and pay me moneys to keep shiny town shiny by collecting junk. it is a stressful thing being chief.
doesnt see them a lot anymore

Kosu is floran. red like Loswake trees. they grew up sailing space, never seeing land until they were grown! Made them small and weak and nervous, but they know lots about machines. They let Zauda live in their nest and use sun lamp bed. Good friend. Very smart.

Metidas Mathis Methays ME THY AS is a human. They only haVe one eye, like Zauda. they are strange, and a little dumb and cruel. they are a fighter, and dont like florans. Actually shot me on Loswake, but made up for it by taking me to Gamu healers. Also helped ZAuda escape metal earth sickness on Loswake later. I later helped his friend who was stuck inna hole, and now we are friends.

knows Rika. Rika is short human with orange fur. clumsy hunter on Duskwood, ad friend of Mettheas. fell ina hole and Zaud had to rescue. Later saved from angry fur predator in forest. we shared the meat, even though it wasnt good meat. they still owe Zauda a catchfish.
Reka dont act like most humans. maybe theyr part floran?

Littlething. Never learned littlethings truename. they were a little brown human with black fur. They were full of of bugs instead of meat. they were seedkin of other human made of bugs. they were very stupid but were nice to me. I Liked them. They barked and picked fights because it thought Zauda was upset. Cute
One day they were killed in Duskvillage for no reason. I still dont know who did it or why. When littlething died, all the bugs turned into a swarm that went around biting things, and Methid had to kill them all with fire-stopping smoke tube. I wish I could have kept one in a container as a sadtoken.

(Unintelligible scribbling. A frowning face in the margins.)

florn dont really know anyoneelse good yet. nothing special really haPPened either.

(Unintelligible scribbling. Random lines and doodles.)

funny to look at so many words. words are special as written. They last beyond death. Will someone read this?Dunno. is stupid

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Sep 28, 2018
The Dark Season and the Dreamcrafter

Duskwoodland is snowy. ver y snowy. Snow for days and days and days without stopping. The dark season begins in a world already so cold. thought was nasty and hostile place before, but now difficult to travel beyond crude walls. no floran tribe could live here. Dunno why meatfolk want to. I need better winterclothes.
Flashlighstick also dead. Needs batt rees.
at least Fortplace has better heat now. fireplaces and comfortable seats under the ground, beyond bad cold wind. ver comfortable. I like it

Much talk of bad dreams and scary voices lately. strange predator of the mind stalks the land, but noone has seen it or knows what it looks like. I has seen and heard nothing, just the tapwords of scarrd meatpeople on staRnet. No dreams for Zauda. is there a reason? Some of the affected call the dreamcrafter a god, talk of worship maybe. Perhaps it targets ones with weaker wills who would listen to it. I would like to hunt and slay dreamcrafter - it would be a hunt worthy of longtime story! - but there are no clues and no traces. may not even exist outside meatfolk thoughts. Its prey, while numeros i guess, do not speak vry much about it xcept among themselves. Will have to LISTen for more, but dunno if i will ever have the chance to hunt before it leaves or is killed by others.
i am diappont dissappont
killing would also make meat people feel silly for being scaredy enough to call it god. meatpeople think gods dont die.
florans worship suns as gods. they Give warm and Light. they live long beyond all things people can know or make, but I know even they age and die. i have even heard tales of suns being murdered.
i wonder what god flesh would taste like
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